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HR 358

The thing I often find difficult about blogging is that by the time I get to it, my intense thinking about a topic has subsided. T0night, it is a different story. You can see my anger surrounding the HR358 (“Protect Life Act” blugh) debate on my Twitter page. This year, 2011, has been deadly (literally) for reproductive rights. Here is a helpful chart:


Tonight, listening to to rich, white, men talk about how much more important it is to save a fetus/embryo than save its mother was chilling, but not because I haven’t heard it before. It was chilling, because I have heard it so much now. I was glad to see men yielding time to women, because it is an issue of people with uteri, but how much will men listen to those voices?

Here is one of those voices, Rep. Diana DeGette of Colorado:

The Senate will likely not pass this bill, and the President has promised to veto it. They are not focusing on jobs. What if we had a Republican Senate and president?




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